Automate reporting to customers (delivered via email)


We have a handful of reports that we send out to various customers as PDFs. While it’d be great to embed this in our app, the easier next step is just to automate the email.

Currently our flow involves IFTTT/Zapier stuff, but for formatting and convenience I’d much rather set up customers as external recipients for some reports. I thought this was a Chartio offering but I can’t find anything in the docs. Any tips?


Hi Scott,

You can definitely send reports to external recipients. For non-Chartio users, type the user email address in the report recipients input and press enter.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,



Fantastic! I don’t know why I thought this wasn’t available.

Is there any ability to customize some of the email? Ideally we’d minimize the Chartio logo and links, and switch the delivery email to one of our account managers.


Hi Scott,

At this time we do not allow for email customization but this can certainly be a feature request! The reports will send the dashboard as is with the chartio logo for PDFs.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,



Hi Scott, did you find a solution to what you were trying to do? I am trying to accomplish the exact same use case. Did you find an alternative email solution or went with a different reporting vendor?


We are sending some Chartio reports direct to customers. We have some concerns over branding and origination emails though, so we haven’t gone full in. After surveying a few other vendors (Mode + Reflect) we haven’t found a totally satisfactory turn-key solution. We built an in-house pilot using AWS Lambda and Mode’s report API; but it’s not something I can just handover to an account manager to clone for their version. For now it’s on ice for us, until it becomes a bigger priority to build out.


Thanks Scott! please let me know if you do find a vendor that can satisfy this requirement. I have the exact same use case. Have you tested cyfe? i just signed up to test it, it looks kind of crappy, but it claims to have scheduled exports and white label and super cheap.


Haven’t heard of them, putting them on our list!


Just wondering if a custom reporting solution was every found [or @Chartio if it’s part of an upcoming feature?]


None for us. We used a contract design agency to build some report templates. Then our AEs use a Chartio dashboard to select the account, and pull over the relevant stats.

Definitely not automatic, but “good enough” to keep us moving.