Brand/Customize your Chartio Dashboards with by adding your own logo


It is easy and quick to add your logo to a dashboard, here are the steps to make that happen.

  1. Create a new dashboard theme to add your logo.
    a. To access themes, go to “…” on the Chartio home page, “Settings” and then the “Themes” link. Click on the link “+ New Theme” to design your dashboard or you can choose from existing color palettes.
  2. Forward the URL of your logo (you have to host the URL and it has to be under 20kb) and let them know to which theme you want the logo added.
  3. Your friendly neighborhood success manager will add the logo to the theme and let you know it’s ready. There is no charge by the way.
  4. Admire your new dashboard and show it off to your friends.
  5. Create more templates with other logos following the same steps as above.