Change number to currency



I have a table of data and I would like to change the columns from a simple number to include the currency symbol:

From 135234 to $135234

Is this possible?




Thanks for the question. You can absolutely format with currency. Under the Settings for the chart/table you will find a tab for Columns. There you can add formatting for specific columns and you’ll be able to specify currency as you can see in the image below. Let us know if this is what you were looking for. Thanks!


Hi @mtrain, this looks very handy, but I presume it only applies to data sources, and not SQL queries?



Hi Ricky!

Would you mind clarifying what you mean by applying to data sources not SQL queries? If you have a specific use case, don’t hesitate to reach out to or via your in-app message under the help menu!

Thank you,



Hi Ricky, Table formatting applies to both interactive as well as SQL Mode. The formatting is happening at the chart level and not at the query level.


Hi! This process worked for me in the Table format, but I did not get the same results in Chart form. I am hoping to have my y axis and data points all in $. Thanks!


Hi Annie,

We don’t support it on the chart labels currently but it is a feature request and I’ll add you to the list to be notified for updates!



Thank you Jennifer! Is it also not possible to have my Y axis updated with
currency symbols?

Thank you,



Hi Annie,

No, not at this time. Y-axis labels do not support currency/percentages.