Chromebit for your Chartio TV


A few months ago Katie posted about using Chartio on a monitor/TV in your office for everyone to see. We’ve used a Chromebox for a while in our sales pod in the office. Just recently we’ve added a TV for our Customer Success pod and we discovered the Asus Chromebit which is a full Chrome OS computer in a package slightly larger than a memory stick. You can find them on Amazon and I’m sure other sites that sell electronics. Basically for $85 we were able to set up a Chartio dashboard for all of Customer Success to see.


Cool!.. although I’m assuming it was in full Chrome OS mode, not “managed” / “kiosk” mode?

We’d love to do this in conjunction with kiosk mode and, e.g., Chrome Sign Builder, but we haven’t found any real way to get the Chartio monitor user actually logged in to Chartio under kiosk mode. Would welcome any tricks, if you did go down that path!


You are right. Nothing quite as sophisticated as kiosk mode. Everything is manually done at this point. Maybe someone will speak up with any experience they have.