February 13, 2018 Release

Happy Pre-Valentine's day! Since tomorrow is Valentine's day, I can't resist sharing this cheesy pun:

Brie Mine

But instead of cheese, chocolate and flowers for you, we’ve got something else!

Data Pipeline

  • New pipeline step: Easily switch your rows and columns with Transpose Data!

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Is it possible to format rows after using transpose? At the moment, if a column is formatted as a percentage prior to transposing in the data pipeline, that % formatting is removed once the column becomes a row.


Hi Johnny,

We only have column formatting but if you would like to format your rows to have a % appended you can do that as a pipeline step.

Edit column > choose column to be formatted > custom formula > (“column_name” * 100) || ‘%’

You can choose to include the *100 or not depending on your column.