February 16, 2017 Release


I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day :hearts::bouquet::chocolate_bar: This week we’re adding a little love to our charts by adding a performance modal where you can quickly see the performance for your chart and debug why a chart might be slow or not loading. Also hyperlinks for table charts!


  • Hyperlinks: Add titles to URLs in table charts
  • Support using logarithmic chart setting with reverse axis
    Chart Performance: quickly view a charts’ queries and performance stats from its menu.
    you must at least have editor or admin privileges on the dashboard


  • Users can view and grant permissions for other teams
  • Report emails will now contain a link to download the report rather than being directly attached to the email. Clicking the link will automatically download the report just like clicking an attachment. The link will expire in 180 days.

As always, check out Feature Releases for a more comprehensive list!

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to support!