Getting the most out of a pre-built dashboard


Although much of Chartio’s power comes from building your own charts and dashboards, most people will start out with a dashboard that someone else has created for them. This is a quick guide to get the most out of those pre-built dashboards.

Take full advantage of those filters and date sliders

Many dashboards will have filters built in. Use a date slider or a filter to get a more granular view of the data. How does this week compare to last week? Are there specific products or segments that are doing better than others?

Get deeper into a chart

This is where you are going to get to that data sitting underneath the charts. If your chart doesn’t look quite right or you have more questions, try hitting the “Edit Chart Data” button. Once in explore mode, you can look at how the chart was built and (provided you have the correct permissions) you can tweak it a bit to make it more relevant to you. (WARNING: Make sure you don’t save over a chart if it isn’t yours! See Cloning next)

Clone your favorites and make them your own

Like the dashboard, but want to change it a bit? Make it your own by cloning it! By cloning the dashboard, you get a huge head start on a personalized dashboard. Not only will you get all the charts you currently have, but this will allow you to change them so you can get the information you need even faster without affecting anyone else’s dashboard.

Share and collaborate

Did you see something interesting? Do you have questions about a chart or a dashboard? Chartio is all about collaboration and discussion! Use the share button to get the right people involved.