Manipulating the graphs based on the Drop down selection


Hi Team,

I have few clarifications about the feasibility of doing some stuffs in Chartio, could you please look into this and help me.

  1. Filtration of reports based on the value selection from Drop down-

I have two line graphs , is it possible to merge those two line graphs into one line chart based on a selection from the drop down list, it would help me to save the space and will improve the user experience.

Planning to populate a drop down list with the report names as show below,The below is the code for the drop down list and if i select the values in the drop down, is it possible to hide the dataset/results of the graphs accordingly.

So if i am able to manipulate the values populated in the drop down and use it in the report flow to hide/show the dataset i can do it,Is it possible ? or is there any way i can do this?

Select ‘AOV’ as "Report selector"
union all
Select 'AOV and Conversion Rate’

Note: These values are hard coded and is not populated from a table.

  1. Have a similar kind of request for a Table chart ,Is it possible to hide/show the row values in a table chart based on the selection from a drop down .I have a requirement like showing a particular row(Tax details) only when the user selects to include it from the drop down list.

This is the code for the drop down list,If i select “include tax details” then the Tax row should be shown and by default it should be hidden, can we achieve that?

Select ‘Include Tax details’ as “Tax Details”

3)I have a dataset populating a line chart showing different metrics,7 metrics are there, a requirement is there to hide three metrics in line chart by default and need to show only when the user wants to.Is it possible to do it using a drop down or any other method?

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Sandeep,

If I understood correctly you want to filter the measures you are showing in the line chart based on selection of a dropdown list, is that correct?

I never tried to do that but I think maybe you can do something using the variables of the dropdown in the pipeline or in your query in a case statement. Something like that:
WHEN {DROPDOWN} is one of “X,Y,Z” then MEASURE 1 is MEASURE 1

Of course, just a example here, you’d have to write the correct statement to evaluate if the values of the DROPDOWN is one of the selected values you want to filter. The correct statement will depend if you are doing SQL, pipeline, Google Sheets, etc… but I think thats the ideia.



Hi Sandeep,

It is possible to hide/show columns in table chart based on the selection from a drop down. As for rows, you can default the dropdown behavior to show none so the table will be empty until a value is selected. So for example 2) unless a user selects tax details from the dropdown, the table will return no output. This is how our dropdown normally works.

you can message our support team in app via the help menu or and we can take a closer look at your use case.



Thanks a lot Bruno for the reply will check and let you know .



This is for the second clarification,
My request is that ,By default the category “Shipment/tax” should be hidden while the loading of the chart and when i select the “Shipment/Tax” details from the dropdown list the row “Shipment/tax” in the category row should be shown,I have attached the sample screen shot of the report which contains several columns and i need to show the values of an entire row based on one value in the column category.



For the first point,
I want to merge the two line graphs as shown in the picture based on the selection from the dropdown .If i select the “Average Order Value(AOV)” the graph should populate the AOV graph and if i select the “AOV and conversion rate” it should be populated accordingly.

The data pipeline and the logic used for the graphs is bit complex,So if there is anyway to achieve this please shed some light .



For the third clarification,in the line graph picture attached below on the chart load i need to show only “Average order Value” line in the graph , the other 2 metrics should be hidden.If i select"Conversion rate" and “Conversion rate%” from the drop down it should show accordingly.

I think i have cleared the issue details,If you an guide me on this it will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.