March 30, 2017 Release


Spring is here :tulip: :sunny: :rainbow: And we’re welcoming this spring with exciting new features and something super special :wink: (scroll to the bottom to find out!)

##Data Pipeline
A little something new for the pivot step

Finding things just got easier!

  • New Search Bar : You can now search for dashboard titles, dashboard categories, chart titles, and data sources.


###Chartio Advanced Data Pipeline

We’re super excited to share with you a new and advanced version of our data pipeline! This feature is still in BETA so we’re still applying some magic before we’re fully releasing it but here’s your chance to preview it and let us know what you think!

:key: Instructions on how to get Advanced Data Pipeline:
Chartio Advanced Data Pipeline (PDF download)
Chartio Advanced Data Pipeline (PDF View)

:clipboard: Once you get a chance to play around with advanced mode, let us know what you think in this feedback form: Chartio Advanced Data Pipeline Feedback

Preview: (click on the image to see!)

As always, check out Feature Releases for a more comprehensive list!

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to support!

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Great stuff. Look forward to playing with the new pipeline.

I think the blur technique on the screenshot was clever - presumably to measure interest. It wasn’t clear to me, however, that I was supposed to click on the image to make it not blurry. I just thought the image wasn’t loading correctly. Might want to call that out on the next post.


Thanks Mark! I have to keep things interesting but I did add a little something to clarify. Happy charting!