Q: What Data Sources are you using?



What data sources do you use with Chartio?

At the FT, we’re interested to hear what others are doing. We love to learn from everyone, and share what we’re doing too!

We use Redshift a lot, and we have some postgres sources too. Our main data set (a Redshift data source) has 18 million new events per day and we’re scaling up users gradually, with about 30 really active users at the moment and 170 given a level of access.

Thanks for the responses!


MySQL for now, on a really beefy AWS RDS instance.

We’d prefer Postgres/Redshift but have a ton of legacy tools that need to be tweaked to handle the SQL dialect differences.

We tried Aurora recently but found it actually performed worse than MySQL for our typical long queries.


Thanks Dan! That’s interesting!

We’ve struggled to find something faster than Redshift for going through the quantity of granular data we have, it is good at it. BUT, it really ties itself in knots if Chartio sends a lot of queries all at once (a lot = 100 ish).
We are looking for alternatives to Redshift for the ad-hoc reporting we do.

We tried Aurora too, and it didn’t work for us either.


We use several connections.

MySQL, GA, Salesforce and Adhoc csv.

Hoping to connect our click stream at some point in the coming months.

But we are restricted by some legacy issues.


Thanks JJ!

Interesting you’ve connected GA to it. Gives you a consistent reporting interface I guess??

What database is your click stream in?

Chartio User Meetup: What Data Sources Are you Using?

Thought this might be interesting for everyone to see. I just created a quick chart to show the top 10 by % of total the data sources that are defined across all of our customers. I suppose it’s not surprising to see CSV as the top data source by a long shot. I did also filter out the Chartio Demo sources so as not to skew the results towards Postgres.