Quick reference dashboard - How to create a "Table Of Contents" of important dashboards


For a great way to keep important dashboards handy and have a reference for people who aren’t in Chartio often, consider creating a “Table Of Contents” dashboard like this one:

During a recent meet-up, one of our customers brought this tip to our attention and we liked the idea so much we created one for every department at Chartio. We now have them as a reference tool throughout the Chartio organization. We’ve found it is an easy way to keep important dashboards at your fingertips.

Here is how it’s done: On the right hand side of your new dashboard, after setting up your dashboard theme, click on the “Add Link” link.

Put the name of the dashboard you want displayed into the “Display Text” field along with the URL of the chart (see example below). Add as many links as you would like to the dashboard and arrange them so they look stellar. Then watch your usage of Chartio escalate!

For our success team, the links including different reports on usage, training material, tools for identifying churn, support ticket information and important internal documents. It has both helped get new employees a quick reference document and is a reminder to seasoned veterans that certain dashboards exist. Hope it works well for your team.