Reflecting User Names Instead of IDs - Key Value Pairs in Dropdowns


When building a chart that gets filtered by different User IDs using a Dropdown, more often than not you’ll want to hide the underlying User IDs. Instead, you can show the corresponding user names so that dashboards aren’t exposing actual User IDs. Accomplishing this is very straightforward in Chartio utilizing Key Value pairs!

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Once you've created your Dropdown, click the gear and hit Edit Filter. Then just make sure to drag the column you want reflected on the dashboard on the top of the Dimensions box:

Now you’re good to go! :smiley:


Thanks Joe, nice tip! :slight_smile:

In your example

  • If I use {DROPDOWN} for filtering or in a chart Title, I will see the User ID.
  • Is there a way I can access the corresponding First Name of the chosen User?


Hi there!

The way this example is set up is that you’d see the First Name column displayed in the dropdown, while the User IDs are actually doing the filtering. In other words, the first column filters the chart, the second column displays values in the dropdown.

For a tad bit more explanation you can read our docs here:

Hopefully this helps - let me know if there’s any other questions!


Thanks for the quick answer! :slight_smile:

My question was more related to the chart title of the chart where I do the filtering, not the filter itself. Let’s assume my filter is not multi select and looks like this:

Now, if I have chart which depends on that filter and want to use the {DROPDOWN} variable in the chart title, I would do something like this:

My (aesthetic) problem: I want the chart title to be City for the User Joe not City for the User 5672

Is there a way to archive that?


Oh I see now - my mistake! Unfortunately we don’t support that yet - it’s a current feature request and I definitely see your point about how it could be useful. As of now, I’ve got to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve added you as a watcher onto the ticket so that you can see any updates to it. Also, the more requesters, the more likely this will get developed!