Remove characters in tabel



I am merging my Google analytics from my website and app.

However, at the end of our news articles page names, each platform has a different unique identifier.

Is there a way to edit a column and remove a certain amount of characters?

App Analytics - remove the last 16 characters

Web Analytics - Remove the last eight characters




Hi Damon!

Yes, you can the substr function and length function in SQLite to do this.

You can edit the column > custom formula > and input this in your custom formula:

substr(“ga:screenName”, 1, length(“ga:screenName”) - 16 )

You can use length(“ga:screenName”) to calculate the character placement 16 spaces away from the last place.

The substr function will then take the ga:screenName as an input and only return the characters starting from the 1 position to the X - 16 position where X is the last character position.

If your ga:screenName is less than 16 characters then you would need to a case statement to handle that case.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Thanks Jennifer, I will give it a try.




Hi Jennifer,

When I insert the formula, it comes back with the following error.


Hey Damon,

Looks like the double quotes are not actually double quotes. Can you replace all the double quotes and try running the formula again?

Thank you,