Step-Up Your Chart Game, YO!


Hey “Data Heroes” –

Have you gotten to the point in your Chartio journey where you’ve got the basics of chart creation down, but you’re looking at expanding your understanding of what’s truly capable? Have you taken-part in our live/online trainings or been able to pop-in for our in-house office hours, but still would like short-and-simple, down-and-dirty explanation of how to build different types of visualizations?

Well… Let me tell you. YOU’RE IN LUCK!

Chartio is proud to offer a new landing page for our recorded tutorial videos!

On this portion of our Support Pages, you’ll find a selection of no more than 3 minute-long videos that not only serve as an introduction to our product, but also will show you how to build over a dozen different types of visualizations

“Chartio Introduction”
• Lesson 1: Starting your Dashboard
• Lesson 2: Adding Dimensionality
• Lesson 3: Cloning and the Data Pipeline
• Lesson 4: Adding a Control
• Lesson 5: The Pipeline and Pivot Data
• Lesson 6: Layers and Joins

“Intro to Chart Creation”

• Area Chart
• Bar Chart
• Bar-Line
• Box Plot Chart
• Bubble Map Chart
• Bubble Plot Chart
• Bullet Chart
• Funnel Chart
• Heat Map Chart
• Line Chart
• Map Chart
• Pie Chart
• Scatter Plot Chart
• Single Value Chart
• Single Value Indicator Chart
• Stacked Bar Chart
• Table Chart

Keep checking-back with this page as we’re adding new videos on a regular basis so you can show your higher-ups how much of a “Data Hero” you really are!