Visualize your lead stages with funnel charts


As a member of the marketing team, I want to know what kind of drop-off we are experiencing during the sales cycle. This can be easily visualized using the funnel chart in Chartio.

It is incredibly easy to set up this type of chart. You will need a column in your data source for the user ids inside your sales cycle, and a column for the lifecycle stage of your users.

Simply drag the user id column into measures, and aggregate by Count of Distinct, and drag your lifecycle stage column into dimensions. If necessary, sort the user id column by descending so your funnel is visualized correctly.

Then choose the Funnel chart icon in the visualization library to convert your table into a funnel.

By default your chart will display the percentage of each stage in relation to the top of the funnel. If you prefer to not show the chart as a percentage, you can go into the chart settings, and inside the General tab, uncheck Show percentage.

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